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Michelin Pilot super sport - proper tire pressure

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How can I estimate the correct PSI for the 17" Michelin Pilot super sport tires on my Mini Cooper S 2-door -- Both for under 100mph and over 100mph.

The side door insert shows 35PSI and in the car manual it shows 40PSI for over 100mph but it seem to be rating it for the 16" all season tires that came it -- Or is this more a function of the type of Car instead of the specific Tire?

Just checking to see if I am doing the right thing -- Currently I have all 4 at 37psi

Thanks in advance!


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I use 39 psi front 35 rear on my michelin super sport using my digital pressure monitor.

I noticed the tpms sensors on mine are a little out saying 38 front 34 rear.

Make sure u wear them in as they can feel floaty when release agent is still on them.

Ultraleggeras look good :)

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A good long term check is to see the wear rate. If the tyres are wearing faster in the middle than the outsides, then the pressures are too high and vise versa, if the tyres are wearing more on the outsides then the pressures are too low or your driving too hard!
One thing re. Michelin Super Sport is that they are a dual compound tyre so the outer edge is softer than inner edge so even wear will not be consistent like a normal single compount tyre.

You will find that the outer edge will always wear quicker (especially fronts) unless you drive extremely slowly all the time or have a fair amount of negative camber.

It's the one negative thing that I find with Michelin SS in the past is that the outer edge of the tyre can wear pretty fast (relative to the rest of the tyre)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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