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Hi everyone! I've just got back from a week's driving / photography holiday on the Outer Hebridies - 1,200 miles across 17 inhabited islands and another few uninhabited islets.

What have I learned. Firstly the petrol Cooper is an efficient car - 53.7mpg and that's with some spirited driving a huge amount of stop start and long motorway runs at start and end of the trip. Secondly - there's a lot of space! Yes I was by myself but the boot is a good shape and takes a lot of stuff - no complaints about space to put things. But it's still a small car which on some very small roads was definitely a good thing.
Third - frameless doors make the car. When you drive with windows down a lot there is something classy about just opening the door - and makes getting in/out of small parking spaces easy!

Anyway, some photos for your appreciation

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