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Oh Japan, you've done it again! :rolleyes:

This is the limited edition, MINI-branded Panasonic F-C100K-K now available from MINI dealers across Japan for an eye-watering JPY13,000 (approx USD125 / AUD168 / EUR114).

About USD35 more than the standard (non-MINI branded) version! Go figure.

From the marketing blurb:

"....Nanoe is Panasonic's original air purifying system that uses nano technology fine particles consisting of ions and radicals. Nanoe works effectively on airborne, adhesive and in-filter trapped micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses thus providing a cleaner living environment. Nanoe consists of components of the air, not chemicals, so it can be used without any worries by people who are sensitive to chemicals, and in children's rooms..."

Who would've thought so much tech could be crammed into a cup holder? ;)



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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