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Can not help it but the BMW looks a little boring next to the Clubby.:D

For last week’s inaugural “Buy This, Not That” column, we took a look at the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, two nearly identical sports cars save for some minor styling and interior details. In the end, it was so close that we went with the Subaru based on, um, color. This week’s column won’t be as much of a toss-up. In fact, it might even raise a few eyebrows.

Like the FR-S and BRZ, the BMW 328 Sport Wagon and Mini Clubman S are related, but on the surface these two couldn’t be farther apart. The Bimmer is part of the 3 Series family, the gold standard by which all other premium sport sedans are judged, and it’s about as German as a Kraftwerk concert on Unity Day in Berlin. In contrast, the Clubman looks like it should come with a bust of Winston Churchill as a hood ornament — a modern ambassador for Alex Issigonis’s iconic space-saving design that gives car buyers plenty of style and substance while representing Old Blighty proudly. Sheet 2016-04-28&utm_term=Daily Cheatsheet
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