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I've been looking for an answer to this question and can't find anything helpful, hopefully someone knows how to help me.

I would like to connect via cable (Lightning) and NOT use the Mini Connected mode in apps like Audible/Amazon Music. I opted out of getting navigation because I'm accustomed to using my phone for navigation. The only problem I see is that whenever I exit, say Audible and go into navigation (or lock the phone), it stops my music.

Funny thing is, when I picked up the car, it was working how I wanted it. I could put the phone in lock mode (my 5s gets really warm if the screen is on too long). It would still display album artwork, and allow me to change tracks, navigation, etc. without issue. The next time I connected it, every app was pushed into it's "Connected" mode. locking me out of my phone.

So basically my question is, can we disable the "connected" side of the apps without resorting to bluetooth?
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