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Mini Connected Update removes FB

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I thought it was fun to post that I was driving and about favorite music. I wait every day in my mini for my son to get out of school. Sure I can play on my phone but this was kinda fun.
I don't usually bother with it while driving so I probably would not miss it. It was fun for me to show my mini could do that on facebook but that thrill is over. I hate leaving the radio screen for fear of missing favorite artist notifications. Most of which I have saved mp3s actually In the car ... but I get excited when one comes on the radio. Not sure what that says about me mentally, maybe I don't want to know. LOL

I do enjoy the text message feature. Always so tempting to check the phone when I get one so this makes it easy.
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It is still showing up on the Android app but no longer connects. I can't find any other news stories about it at all if it is going away for other cars . I hope they will update the android app with more features if they are removing something seems like we should get something new on Android. Preferably something like Pandora. I just want more Android but it doesn't have to be Facebook.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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