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My Neighbor genuine "Red Neck" that can fix install mod fab anything..... surrendered to my Mini Cooper today try to install my NM lowering springs. Bummer because I have been putting it off now for 6 weeks and was looking forward to the install.:(:(

The reason behind it .... he did not have a lift and we just did not have the 2 inches of clearance to remove the front springs. We do a lot of trading ....12 Packs of Budweiser.... to install mods etc etc in his garage. So we put it all back together and now drinking Budweiser that I brought over.:) I guess I will drop the car off at my Indy Shop and have it done for $ 300.00.

Sure proves the point you only can do the job right if you have the proper tools.....but hey a cold Budweiser is always a good thing in the end the day was not a total loss.:laugh::laugh:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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