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MINI Cooper bonnet collapse/warp

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So I picked up my new volcanic orange Cooper last Thursday. 3 days and 202 miles later after a 40 mile drive I went inside and came back out to discover the bonnet had collapsed on itself around the 'power bulge'. There isn't a single mark, the 'dents' in the bonnet aren't actually dents, they are smooth and spot less. Not a single mark, blemish or crease. The usual suspects of an impact. Team this with the fact the engine was red hot and still hot when the MINI breakdown guy arrived 2 hours later!!!


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this along with bonnets that dent easily (mine when washing the car) - seems to get a good pedestrian score in crash tests the metal is too thin :(
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Did you get it mended?
nope - had stripes fitted which cover it
1 - 2 of 136 Posts
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