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Hi everyone,

I have a 2018 F55 Mini Cooper with the 7 speed DCT transmission... ever since we purchased this car, whenever we park on a slight slope (front of car facing downhill) we return to the loudest clunking noise / bang when we go to shift the car into reverse so we can leave our house.

In case you were wondering, when I park the car, i have my foot on the brake, i push the "P" button to engage "Park" and lift the hand brake, then slowly release my foot off the brake pedal. Most times the car does not roll forward, occasionally it may move forward ever so slightly.

Regardless, when I return to the car and shift the transmission into "Reverse", I am greeted by a loud bang and it scares me every time.

So much so, that I now avoid parking on slopes. Which as you can imagine is really inconvenient.

It has been checked by our Mini garage and no faults found and I have read many so called "tricks" online where people suggest you engage the hand brake first, and then switch to neutral, release the brake, and then press the brake again and shift to "P" - but this still does not change the loud clunk we experience.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem? and if so, what was the solution? or is this something you need to live with when you have a DCT?


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