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This Green **** tale also involves a Ford Mustang and why trolls might expect its driver to be at fault for whatever went wrong, this wasn't the case.

In fact, it looks like the one behind the wheel of the British hot hatch was trying to get past the the S550 Mustang when... he ran out of track.

The shenanigan took place in the Wipperman section of the Ring and explaining it is simple: the driver carried too much speed into the bend, so the machine understeered, with its wide trajectory seeing it kissing the guardrail - the driver has to thank the Ring officials for adding the tire wall for the 2019 seasons, with the rubber appearing to limit the damage as opposed to the metallic protection element behind it.

Regardless, the Mini driver did the right thing and took the car out of the danger zone as quickly as possible. And we can see the track marshals checking out the effect the impact has had on the protection elements that had been kissed by the British machine.

Even so, as the Ring hunter behind this clip mentions in the description of the video, the marshals picked up the driver once he left the track, with all of them inspecting the tire wall and barrier damage together. And these episodes can get pretty expensive...

This unfortunate shenanigan delivers multiple lessons to every aficioando who wishes to fly low on the Nurburgring, from keeping the pace reasonable to leaving the danger zone as quickly as possible.
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