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I agree its a mini cooper SD

Is it yours? huh,,give us a little more than whats written above.

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Phenomenal combination!

Something like this (or racing green) would by my second choice, but more sporty Red won...

Again, congrats for the car!

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yes of course , just arrive to the dealer in Spain and transfert to morocco next week for use there ,
you can see the options i choice
Modelo: XN91 Cooper SD
Color: C24 Lapisluxury Blue
Tapiceria: NENX Cuero Cross Punch Dark Truffle
1CA - Emisiones CO2
1CB - ACEA/CO2 Umfang
2B0 - [7Y2] 17" Llantas Tentacle Spoke plateadas
2PA - Tornillo antirrobo
2TB - Cambio automático deportivo
2VB - Control de presión de neumáticos
2VG - Performance Control
2XC - Volante John Cooper Works
223 - Control electrónico de la suspensión EDC
230 - Equipamientos adicionales especificos en
249 - [7Y2] Volante multifunción
258 - Neumáticos con funcionamiento en caso de
3AG - Cámara para marcha atrás
302 - Dispositivo de alarma con mando a distan
313 - Paquete de retrovisores exteriores plega
320 - Supresión anagrama de modelo
322 - Acceso confort
345 - Línea cromada interior
346 - Línea cromada exterior
359 - Pack de visibilidad
386 - Carriles longitudinales para la baca
4AA - Revest. interior del techo en antracita
4D2 - Línea interior Dark Truffle
4ET - [4G2] Superficie interior Dark Cottonwood
4G2 - MINI Yours Inter.Style Dark Cottonwood
4VA - [7Y2] MINI Driving Modes
4V9 - [7Y2] MINI Excitement Pack
402 - Techo panorámico
405 - Carcasas de retrovisores cromadas
420 - Acristalamiento de protección solar
423 - [7Y2] Alfombrillas de velours
430 - Retrovisores interior y exteriores con
431 - Retrovisor interior con ajuste automátic

441 - Especificaciones para fumadores
450 - [7Y2] Regulación altura asiento acompañante
473 - Reposabrazos delantero
481 - Asientos deportivos para conductor y aco
493 - [7Y2] Paquete de compartimentos
494 - Calefacción de los asientos delanteros
5AA - Pilotos antiniebla
5AS - Driving Assistant
5DP - Asistente de aparcamiento
508 - Control de distancia en aparcamiento (PD
520 - [7Y2] Faros antiniebla
521 - [7Y2] Sensor de lluvia, incluyendo accionamien
534 - [7Y2] Climatizador
544 - Control de crucero con función de freno
548 - Velocímetro con lectura en kilómetros
550 - [7Y2] Ordenador de a bordo
563 - [7Y2] Paquete de iluminación
6AD - MINI Head-Up Display
6NE - [7L5] Preparación Bluetooth ampliada para telé
6NM - MINI Connected
6NT - MINI Connected XL
609 - [7L5] Sistema de navegación Professional
674 - Sistema de altavoces Hi-Fi Harman/Kardon
698 - Codigo area 2 para DVD
7L5 - Wired
7Y2 - Chili
785 - [7Y2] Intermitentes blancos
8KA - Aviso de mantenimiento
8S3 - Cierre centralizado automático
8TF - Protección activa para peatones
856 - Panel de instrumentos en español
883 - Literatura en español
925 - Protección transporte

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If that had been available when I bought mine then I would have been tempted... they sell it at a premium price though...

Looks lovely :)

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Lovely looking,good to see someone else with roof rails.

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Wondering how this colour is holding up on a number of levels.

Are you still happy with your choice?
Dose it show dirt?
Does it show scratches and marks?

I have a TGMetalic and I am falling in love with it every day. But have had so many problems am going to trade it in on a JCW. Was thinking this colour hence the questions!:)

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rally nice color but in my country not easy , Morocco is not confortable for have car stay clean , but the day when the car is real she's really nice , reflet is amazing , one small crash on parking but normal there because the way or parking is really like war place, tomorrow a probably clean my car and send you another picture , last thing you ace to understand the color chance depend the light in place where the weather is not sun better to take the other blue .
for a scratches i cannot give neutral vision , Morocco have no clean way and result the many small problem .

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That Lapis Blue SD needs more colour - white roof & wheels world sort it. Lapis is an awful colour on its own, I saw an F55 a couple of weeks ago and it just looked so flat.

I love mine, but the red contrasts it so well.
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