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Picked up the car 10 days ago and have covered over 800 miles. Having a blast. I decided this week to go from Glenrothes in Fife to Fort William. The journey is 130 miles. I set off just with the Dog and on the way up set the active cruise control at 60mph once I got to Perth all the way to Dalwhinnie. Amazing just totally chilled out. Once at Dalwhinnie I decided to put the Mini through it paces for 30 miles to the fast charger at Roy bridge. I managed 117 miles on the way up. In Fort William I put the car on a 22KW charger to fully charge for my return trip. On the return I again set the active cruise to 60mph and got all the way to Perth with 37 miles left on the computer. I would of got close to 140 miles. My Average was 4.5 miles for KW. Temp on the trip was as low as 3 degrees.
Even having fun on the way up I managed 4 miles per KW. I used to own a first Gen Leaf and with the heater on I would get 40 miles top if I was lucky with a 24K battery.
With using free chargers on way up. I only paid for the charge at my house so for a 260mile trip I paid approx 4 pound.

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