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  • telling me they had deflectors for the F56 with a link to follow;
  • asking for my VIN to confirm the right parts were selected; and
  • me sending photos of my car

.....I've been shipped a pair of F55 wind deflectors by MINI Mayhem. The reason/excuse provided? " I thought you had a F55 because those are the only wind deflectors we offer." I kid you not.

Arrrrrgh! :mad:

Because of the bulky packaging, shipping cost me more than the product itself to get them to me in Australia. Clearly, they don't see any upside in sending them back and have suggested I sell them locally.

Here's a link to the product. They are brand new in (massive) box with instructions etc.

Anyone here in Australia interested in these deflectors? Yes, they look great BUT they simply won't fit a 2DR F56 - only the 4DR F55.


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