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Mini f56 8.8" Screen Retrofit issues

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Need some help, hopefully someone here has had an issue like this.
I’ve bought a 8.8” Screen for my mini. Came with a 6.5” originally. i’ve also got a droidUK MMi box installed.
I installed the new screen today and coded (bimmercode) like the forums etc advise. “Variante and Size resolution”
Issue is only the carplay box works. the mini system didn’t work at all. we then reverted the settings to what they were originally and the i drive worked but only 2/3 of the screen. (the head unit was in full screen mode but only showing 2/3 of it. Around 5 minutes later of the car being off and closed i got back in and the screen turned black again with carplay working. Any advice?
I read somewhere that it sometimes you need to code it through e-sys as it can play up a bit
Also when i went onto bimmercode originally the setting that was on there was that 10.25 1280x800 not 6.5 800x600
Help me plz
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So I had the same issue, it has now been resolved, below is what I posted (BOLD)

help, I'm trying to do the 6.5 to 8.8 screen upgrade, I have changed the following below
  • DISPLAY_SIZE_RESOLUTION = 8.8_1280x480
  • DISPLAY_VARIANTE = breites_display
ESYS, no output what so ever
Bimmercode two thirds of the screen

Dec 17 car has entrynav HU with 6.5 screen

8.8 screen sourced from my May 17 car, neither screens are touchscreens

Any ideas please

Esys did the trick after following the you tube link below, without following the video below I had no output

FDL Coding Demonstration on BMW F30 - YouTube

Hope this helps
I think I could also have the issue of not unplugging the mmi box before coding as it seems to confuse itself with bimmercode
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