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Illuminated Sills: JCW Pro

Illuminated Sills: Speedwell Blue

Illuminated Sills: Union Jack

Illuminated Sills: Vivid Green

Inside Mirror Cap: Aspen White

Inside Mirror Cap: Black Jack

Inside Mirror Cap: Blazing Red

Inside Mirror Cap: Checkered

Inside Mirror Cap: JCW Pro

Inside Mirror Cap: Speedwell Blue

Inside Mirror Cap: Union Jack

Inside Mirror Cap: Vivid Green

Key Cap: JCW Pro

Key Cap: Speedwell Blue

Key Cap: Vivid Green

Lanyard: JCW Pro

Lanyard: Speedwell Blue

Lanyard: Vivid Green

Protective Cover: JCW Pro

Protective Cover: Speedwell Blue

Protective Cover: Vivid Green

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Well I know what pattern hipsters will like.....

can you guys guess?

I'll give you some time to think...

any luck?

Here it is!
LOL, I dont know if hipsters buy MINI's I think they stick to bicycles and prius' while lambasting us for not being as progressive as they all are ;) CODE WORD POOR.

but I digress, whats cool is that MINI is offering this gear in kits, exterior and interior. you can get JCW Pro, Speedwell Blue, Vivid Green and Black Jacket as full kits to farkle your F56 all the way round ;)
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