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Hi everyone,

I am the happy owner for the last 2 months of a JCW F56.
Recently I found that the passengers window was making some wind noise at high Speed. I checked it and discovered that the gap between this window and the pillar is bigger than on the drivers side.

Is it possible to manually adjust the height of the window or do I have to take it to my dealer?


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On previous generations the window reset procedure was:

1. While stopped with the engine running, and both doors closed, hold the window toggle down until it fully opens.

2. Hold it in the down position for a further 5 seconds or so.

3. Release the toggle, and push it upwards until the window fully closes.

4. Hold the toggle up for a further 5 seconds or so.

I don't know if MINI have changed this for the Gen3 so if this doesn't do it then the dealer will have to sort it out for you. And of course you'll have to come back and tell us the fix.:D
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