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Mini F56 owners - Does your car have this gap between the dashboard and door seals?

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Greetings all, ;)

I have lately received my new F56 and noticed the following gap:

Do you have a similar gap or maybe a smaller/bigger one? If you do, could you please upload a picture?

I doubt this gap came from factory. At first I suspected that an improper aftermarket installation of reverse parking sensors might have caused this, but since I have seen two additional ones with the same gap, I am unsure.

The ones at the dealer's showroom experienced no gap, but if I put my finger there it is obvious there is no permanent contact between the dashboard and the door seals.

Is it purely an aesthetic fault or does it have additional implications regarding the correct technical and mechanical operation of the car?

Thanks! :)
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The switch is for baby seats indeed (the passenger seat does have sensors, but for seat belt warning). When the switch is set to "off", an indicator light is lit where the rear view mirror is.

As for the gap, is it not strange that at the dealer's all the cars had no such gap? Maybe they have carefully chosen them for that reason?

On a personal note, I must say it is rather disappointing to find such a QC issue/design flaw on a (presumably) BMW.. :(
It does also works as airbag sensor, then the passenger airbag wont go off, if there isn't any passengers in the seat.

Its not a design fault, probably just a bad door seal. Get the dealer to replace it with a new one, then you will be good to go.
It's not a known fault, you are probably just unlucky. But it's a "light" fault.
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