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MINI Has the Best Residual Car Value in the UK

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Good news for MINI owners who live in the UK, the MINI brand is the top car brand when it comes to residual car values on the Island. So your car should depreciate at a slower rate than all the rest.

American brands had the fastest rate of depreciation with Chrysler vehicle values dropping 26.6 percent a year and Chevrolet vehicle values dropping 26.3 percent a year.

At the top of the list is MINI with 16.4 percent depreciation a year, followed pretty closely by another Brit brand Land Rover, whose vehicles depreciated 17% a year.

Remember that this was a UK-based study, so these numbers could be way different in other areas, but this should be nice to hear for most of the people on our forum.

Do you consider residual value when deciding to buy a car?
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I only consider it in terms of avoiding the really poor brands. Certainly the tiny % variations at the top are not worth thinking about. It's a bonus that the MINI has low depreciation, but most important is that it's a super car.
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