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I have the dynamic damper suspension and it appears from what I have been able to glean that it must be disabled to use the coil over suspension system. My question is would it be possible to have it coupled to the system so that the DS is disabled in sport mode only? I really like the DS in the mid and eco modes although I seldom use either. And I don't think it is used when sport is selected so I may have answered my own question and that it really is not an option with the DS. Sort of a bummer, but the car handles really good already. Thanks for the response.
Dan, you can configure the DDC by going to settings-Driving Modes-Configure Sport. Your options are Drivetrain and Chassis, Drivetrain, Chassis. Selecting drivetrain will keep the Sport Mode throttle response but will not stiffen up the suspension or weight the steering. Selecting Drivetrain and Chassis stiffens the suspension, weights the steering and gives you the sport mode throttle response.
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