5 weeks ago, I purchased a brand new "Bumper Protector" from carparts-expert.com.

I planned to attach it to my 2016 (F56) Cooper S hatch, however, when I placed it where it's meant to go before taking off the protective tape to stick it down, it was much too 'grey', and I didn't like the look of it against the very black, Midnight Black!

So I've now gotten 'round to advertising it here.

It's brand new, it's been taken out of the box, it's been placed (not stuck down) on the vehicle, looked at, and put back in the box (see pics).

I do not want the hassle of posting it as the cost would add to the already discounted price of £85 I'm asking (the new price is around £109 when converted from Euros).

The item will, therefore, only be available to anyone who lives in (or not too far from) the Bournemouth/Poole area, and is willing to drive on over with some £'s in their pocket.