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For those who have ordered a MINI ONE with PEPPER PACK Then this is what you get.

15’ heli spoke alloy wheels in silver.

The wheels have the illusion of looking a little smaller with 15’ but as we know its just the profile size. The ride is actually more comfy as you have more tyre to absorb road bumps.

sport steering wheel

Comes in leather and very grippy. Does not include any multifunctional controls on it unless you spec further extras

front fog lights

Although included in the pack they are in fact standard

On board computer

Although included in the pack it is in fact standard. The digits are in white as you scroll through its menu and not red

Storage compartment pack

This includes a netting which you will find in the glove compartment in a plastic bag. This can be fixed to the lashing eyes to the variable boot floor in order to transport small or loose objects.
There is also a smaller glove compartment immediately above the main glove box.

There is a small storage netting on the passenger side a floor level.

In the boot is a variable boot floor which can be either removed or tilted upwards allowing access to further space in the boot

There are storage pockets on the rear of the driver and passenger seats.

There is a third sun visor above the drivers front door.

Automatic air conditioning

The dials are lit to show at what temp you have set . Passenger and driver can have different temps for comfort. It can be set at auto which when pressed can activate temp settings you have designated. Comes also with MAX A/C and front windscreen max demister on the switch displays.

Extended interior light package

This includes ambient lighting in the interior door handles only.

Also ambient lighting in the footwells. The lighting can be altered.

There also reading lights left and right next to the Centre interior light.

There are lights on the driver and passenger sun visors that activate when the flap is lifted.

There is an LED light on both the drivers and passenger exterior door handles that activate when unlocking the doors.

There are puddle lights on the bottom of each door.

Velour floor mats

These are mats with a luxury feel in front and rear. There are no substitute mats if mats are not specified on order.

Passenger seat height adjustment

The height of the seat can raised or lowered. Its surprising how low one feels when sitting in this seat without the height adjustment

Rain sensor with auto headlights

When the light dial is set to auto the headlights will be activated whenever it senses dimmer light and will switch off when light levels are brighter. The auto wipers are activated by pushing the end of the wiper stalk and a green light activates on the stalk.

Mini excitement pack

There are a series of ambient lights around the central console which change whenever certain functions are activated such as turning up volume or adjusting temp. Also The light ring around the centre console is altered using a toggle switch next to the interior centre light. The light chosen also lights the interior door handles and footwells. __________________
Pepper White Cooper Hatch
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A comprehensive list. Well done!
Aha. Good idea though currently my mood lights scroll through all their colours. I may set them to vo!
And it is very very useful. Love it and use it lots.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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