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MINI ordered please help

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Hello, I am new to the forum, below car is for my sister actually but I configured it. I really like the car and have a bit more time to change the configuration as wanted, so please help me out.

Here are the specs for her 5 door MINI:

Euro Spec Mini Cooper with Chilli Package
MINI visual boost (no navigation)
Truffle punched leather

My questions are as follows:

1) does she get a better sound system with the MINI Visual Boost and the Chilli package. Dealer says it is a bit better than standard but less good than HK system?

2) does it matter that truffle leather also has brushed leather inserts, it is not full leather, will that get dirty...had no clue it had partly brushed leather

3) will there be new leather colors introduced/inserts for the dash? MINI configurator for Germany as well as UK is mostly down, I assume they are making changes.

4) Now the tricky one, if she takes PIANO LACK (already ordered) then she does not get the LED strip in the doors (I assume that is the only LED strip edition). Does she get the LED strip with MINI YOURS FIBER alloy inserts?
Are there LED strips on the front console

5) Is the ring around the visual boost (6,5" screen) one ambient light line or is it broken down with space in between. Videos of the mini boost online show that the ring around the screen is broken down, and on some of the photos it is fully lighten up (one line)

MINI is already ordered but there is still some small room for changes before it reaches production.

I also must add that the car is great. I have a much bigger new car right now and need to figure out a way to buy a bigger car for the family and have the MINI as my daily ride. It is fairly complex to do, but as I am sooooo impressed with the way the MINI drives and the pleasure that I want one too now.

Thanks a lot!
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hi all new here , im looking at a potential mini cooper and looking at the configurator and its mine field of options im confused.

Are you saying that if I order chilli pack with has the excitement pack and basic interior lights pack ( I think) along with piano black trim I wont get the led light strips in the back doors? The reason I ask as it doesn't remove the option when I add piano black?
I can see now the door strips only seem to be apart of the mini yours trim packs , its very subtle on the configurator but you can just see the lights
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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