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I was driving along today and figured I'd try out the spoken word Navigation interface to see if it can find the local FedEx depot I'm driving to....

I select the state using idrive - New York
I spin idrive to Select City, hit the mic button and say 'Irvington'...and the state changes to Oregon.
I back out and reenter Nav so that the state is blank. I hit the mic button and say, 'Irvington'. And I see 'Anahiem...California'.

So I try a different tack.

I Say Destination - it asks for a house number. Back out we go.
I say 'Point of Interest'. And then I Say 'FedEx' - and it switches to 'Settings'. And...out we go again.
I say 'Point of Interest' then Say 'Keyword Search' - which I have to confirm WITH THE iDrive button and not by saying 'Yes'!!!!!!!
I then Say 'FedEx' - and it switches to 'Connections.'

It's a good thing I already knew where I was going.
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