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Mini Touch Up Stick or Chipex?

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Hi everyone,
Always used the official touch up sticks for our BMW's and Mini's in the past and had some mixed results with them, probably down to my skill as a painter more than the product I guess.

Wife has an F56 Cooper in Deep Blue and I have a Cooper S in Thunder Grey on order. The dreaded question of road rash came up last night and how to tackle it when it inevitably happens.

Before I place my order with local Mini dealer for the touchup sticks which incidentally are £20 a go, thought I would watch the Chipex video after hearing it mentioned on this forum, interesting.

Got me thinking .....

What experiences have you had with the Chipex product and is it better/as good as the touch up sticks?

Best wishes
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I brought my Mum round to mine for tea the other day, and and banged the passenger door against the little wall on my driveway. I was very upset, as you can imagine, but being my Mum, you can't exactly shout and swear now can you.

Anyway, Dad works for BMW and he has a Volcanic Orange stick on order for me, and one of the bodyshop guys will apply it when it arrives. Dad said they don't actually have them made up yet, so I have to wait patiently until they do. Meanwhile there's a small chip out of the edge of my door (down to primer, not metal). :(
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