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MINI USA’s 2016 Product Updates Include Some Major Surprises

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from Motoring File

Big news from MINI USA. The 2016 model year changes are starting to filter out and we’ve got all the details. Plenty of surprises both good and bad. Read on for the details.
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WOW! So glad I bought a 2015! I didn't see much of anything I liked in that list except maybe going piano black over chrome on the switches. I wonder what bonehead makes these decisions?

MINI owners need to start their uproar sooner rather than later about discontinuing the sport suspension option! I bought a JCW so it doesn't matter but that's an awful decision for the MCS.

See, all the whining I've seen about harsh rides may have killed the sport suspension!??
The other option of eliminating the cd player may be upsetting to some...I REALLY wanted one, but the only way to get it was with Visual Boost and a 6-cd changer in the glove box (which I didn't want). I'd still prefer a plain old cd player in the dash along with the harmon kardon sound system if I had my druthers!

Can't please everyone, but eliminating the sport suspension option is a REALLY dumb move! :mad:

Oh, and eliminating the rear fog lamp option is dumb too. I specifically ordered that option. That is a time-tested option from the very old days of European sport cars, and something I believe is very desirable. Maybe that's another move by the Germans who don't think Americans appreciate such things, like the rear hatch?
Cant argue with that. I actually thought that I had them when I saw the car... it's one of the strangest deletes I've seen on a vehicle. The housing and lenses are all there... they just leave out the bulbs, wires and buttons. So I have these cool red... lenses... on my rear bumper ha
They act as reflectors though right? I always wondered this personally. Since I "still have no MINI" I must ask! :)
It wasn't hidden when I ordered mine, but I made the conscious decision that I wasn't going to drop that much cash into pressing a button on my mirror vs pressing a button on my side visor. It just didn't make the cost/benefit ratio cutoff. If I had unlimited cash, sure, why not. But that money went right on into the other stuff I wanted more. I do kind of wish I had splurged on the auto dimming mirror, though... these fools with the ******* mechanic, self installed, misaligned, high intensity headlight swap jobs shining directly through my little rear window are killin' me. And 18 wheelers...

I have auto dimming rear view mirror on my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Orvis Edition"....was cool while it worked, but it stopped working years ago. I tend to think "simple is best" on everything! Having a lower elevation car just puts you in headlight range regardless...when that happens to me in my '02 I just flip on the night mirror....why don't new cars have that button? I hate high tech never works "all the time"! I still have points in my 2.0 Liter '76 BMW 2002 and it never has failed me, not once! Call me old fashioned, that's fine with me! :)
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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