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Mini usa announces 2017 pricing: More tech, less features & a slight price increase

Less features and a price increase well that sucks :(:( but I still would buy another one cause I love my Mini.:D:D The biggest turn off for me is that you now have to pay for the driving modes. Now that one just stinks!!!!!!! Make sure you send Mini Emails !!!!!!

MINI USA is making changes for 2017 in an effort to keep prices low while increasing standard levels of technology ahead of the 2018 refresh. The effect of this is that MINI is increases pricing only slightly:

F56 Two Door Hardtop – Cooper – $20,950 (+250) – Cooper S – $24,400 (+300) – JCW – $30,900 (+300)

F55 Four Door Hardtop – Cooper – $21,700 (+250) – Cooper S – $25,400 (+300)

Is it the right mix of features for the right price? Read on and sound off in the comments.

Additions to Standard Features

The most notable addition to the standard feature set is the 6.5″ Visual Boost Screen. Already standard on the new Clubman and Convertible, the F55 and F56 will join the newest MINIs in offering the 6.5″ high resolution screen and MINI Connected free.

Enhanced Bluetooth and Audio Streaming are also on tap as standard features across the range. This previously optional equipment allows for streaming, cover art display and full interactivity with music apps. It also includes an integration of full functionality with your device of choice. Based on our experiences with it, this is a hugely welcome addition as a standard feature. It allows you full control of your playlists and cover art. It’s just a shame that MINI couldn’t have made it free earlier.

The other big addition is the center armrest which, now also standard across the MINI range. The arm rest comes with two storage compartments and is full adjustable. While we at MF have railed MINI’s previous attempts at armrests (and the idea of them in general), we have to begrudgingly give our support for this one. It’s well designed with plenty of storage (and importantly) gets out your way when needed.

read the rest here.
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