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Hi everyone, I have problems with my Mini Cooper, this is kinda weird thing, ok let me explain cause I not really into repairing cars.

when I driving my car around 60 mh, and only on wet floor or rainy weather; my car stops abruptly momentarily and then continue driving (nothing appears on the board). I repeat again; only when the floor is wet or rainy days, I’ve checked on completely dry days and not happening anything even if I drive around 90mh.

so my questions are could be a main problem with the engine? Or maybe could be something electrical?
I recently change my brakes and everything it’s ok (was 2 month ago) fluids and oils are ok.
the tires are ok (70%life yet)
This is a second hand car, and I know can be some problems with the car, but at the moment a mechanic check everything and was pretty good, I drove it and nothing appears (was on dry days) I had it for 10 months.
If someone has or had it same problem let me know, or if u know where I start to checking. I’ll appreciate! 🙌🏻
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