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MPG in the Sd

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Just wondering what everyone is getting? 47mpg and rising at the minute here
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I'm getting around the 46mpg mark (UK) here at the mo. Have noticed that cold starts severely impede this value. Running on 16 inch winter tyres at the mo.

I'm not thrashing the car at all, though have noticed that if I stick to the gear change suggestions for timing in green mode the car feels too laboured, especially when cold.

It takes about 20mins for the car to warm up. unfortunately for me i get a double whammy as my school run in the morning to school takes about this time and it's slightly more uphill. By the time the car warms up and I'm heading back home it's largely downhill.

The best I have ever managed so far, on A roads and dual carriage ways 50 mins each way in little or no traffic has been around the 59mpg mark. I've never, ever seen 60mpg or above even on green mode.

I'm doing a big journey (360miles, mainly motorway, DC and A roads) in a couple of weeks so will report then.
Can I ask how many miles to a tank you get and how many miles left you fill up as?

Factory figures are quoted at 680 but id like to know how close people actually come to this figure?
This isn't going to be accurate, but whenever I fill up (and I always fill to full) the readout on the dash is about 460miles. So not at all close to those official figures!
Well, in some ways I'm glad I got the SD despite the difference in official figures vs. the reality. In my situation if I'd gone for the S I'd have been filling up every 5 days rather than twice every three weeks!
so anyone doing more than 460 off a tank?

Sunster do you fill up when its almost empty or when it has 50 miles etc left on?
I tend to fill when it's at the 50mile mark - however, the value I gave you is from the dashboard (pressing the button on the left stem on the steering wheel) - this value does of course change as you drive (and will change further if your driving style changes) but after 1500 miles doing the usual routine driving I do this is pretty constant. Probably not very accurate mind you but gives a reasonable ball-park.
Im the same sunil,fun and frugal with the SD. Not near what is written regarding official mpg,but new and still running in and still better mpg than the petrol Ps i top up every monday regardless
I think yours and my definition of frugal are slightly different Dave, but I get what you mean. ;)
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