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MPG in the Sd

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Just wondering what everyone is getting? 47mpg and rising at the minute here
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I've had my F56 MCSD for six months and monitored the consumption every time I fill up, both by brimming and use of the trip which I have found to be only 1 or 2 mpg out. As with other posts,distance travelled,outside temperature, style of driving all contribute to the figures obtained. From a cold start, and the car being outside over night in - 0 deg, then only travelled 6 miles to work, I still managed low 40s mpg. At best on a 1 hour run from Kendal to Manchester M6, 70mph cruise, 59 mpg. In between these type of runs I am getting late 40s-low 50s mpg which includes the occasional spirited drive. Interestingly when I had a test drive of the MCS (also spiritedly driven) the trip showed 30mpg. I think most drivers know the official mpg figures are unrealistic but I am more than happy with the mpg the car achieves given the performance, and now that I have 3k on the clock the car is starting to loosen up nicely.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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