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MPG in the Sd

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Just wondering what everyone is getting? 47mpg and rising at the minute here
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same as krc at moment
Well, in some ways I'm glad I got the SD despite the difference in official figures vs. the reality. In my situation if I'd gone for the S I'd have been filling up every 5 days rather than twice every three weeks!
Im the same sunil,fun and frugal with the SD. Not near what is written regarding official mpg,but new and still running in and still better mpg than the petrol Ps i top up every monday regardless
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I think yours and my definition of frugal are slightly different Dave, but I get what you mean. ;)
long as its costing me no more than £20 per week to run,then i say its frugal ;-)

The big test for me is when i have my annual run from here up to broadford on skye in july. I can fill up and get there and still have a bit of juice to run around. if i can get up to broadford on a tank i will be happy. roll on july for that test
a shot from the other week


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Blimey I thought the diesel would be better. Quick I know petrol Cooper is averaging 44 mixed driving and entertaining with naughty blasts ie 5000+ rpm to hear that fab warble and if I drive with care and saintly I'm getting 49. Uk mpg. That's not from the computerit is. 1 or 2 mpg more.optimistic. That's calculated fill to fill.
Not even 500 miles on her yet jeremey, i will start getting worried a few thousand miles that pic was local driving to next town
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Let the petrol vs diesel wars begin! See the attached photo from my petrol S. To be fair this was at constant speed on cruise control.... :)
mine needs more miles than the 400 she's done so far,at mo engines tighter than my wallets opening ;-)
Oh but the petrol engine sounds so good,thats why I bought it. Not interested really in economy, I don't the really care.for that I ride my Honda cg125. 85 mpg.thrashed to the limit(60mph max!!!) but it is interesting to see what they all do and t h e differences.
WE don't have the pops and crackles Jeremy but we have that grunt sound,good enough for me ;-)
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