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My A/C stinks again

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So the "Stink" on my A/C is back. The car went to the Dealer to have it fixed about 2 weeks ago. The Dealer checked the system blew out all the lines installed new Filter etc etc what ever needed to be done and now it stinks worse than before. I even switch the A/C now off when I park the car to see if it made a difference. It does not. The Dealer has no clue I checked it myself and can not find anything. I start to wonder if it is a design flaw from Mini that you just have enough water standing in the line to create that stink over time.

2014-2016 Mini Cooper A/C Fresh Air Duct Upper Section

I don, t know if the new A/C is different than the old once but I do not see any water dripping to the ground like it did on all the cars I drove in the past. :(

Time to get the heavy weapon out now ..."The Wunderbaum Giga Pack":laugh::laugh:

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DR, mine smells more like "South West Road Kill" the problem I now have it is not constant. It might not smell for a week and than it smells 3 days in a row no matter if I switch the A/C off or not.:(
have you checked for roadkill? :D
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