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My A/C stinks again

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So the "Stink" on my A/C is back. The car went to the Dealer to have it fixed about 2 weeks ago. The Dealer checked the system blew out all the lines installed new Filter etc etc what ever needed to be done and now it stinks worse than before. I even switch the A/C now off when I park the car to see if it made a difference. It does not. The Dealer has no clue I checked it myself and can not find anything. I start to wonder if it is a design flaw from Mini that you just have enough water standing in the line to create that stink over time.

2014-2016 Mini Cooper A/C Fresh Air Duct Upper Section

I don, t know if the new A/C is different than the old once but I do not see any water dripping to the ground like it did on all the cars I drove in the past. :(

Time to get the heavy weapon out now ..."The Wunderbaum Giga Pack":laugh::laugh:

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Hi, I’m driving a 3 mth old 2019 LCI MCS and after 1 month, my AC started to smell. I use AC all the time and condensation water flows normally under the car. I’ve checked the AC filter and they are clean and dry. I’ve put some silicon under the filter just in case. Did several AC disinfectant fogging including spraying Lysol but to no avail. Is this a permanent Mini defect?
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