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My F56 JCW

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A few pics of my JCW
Day of pickup

After a few changes

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Car has JCW Pro splitters and diffuser along with JCW Pro Exhaust and Coilovers. Also carbon scoop, black grill and light rings with some more bits on the way
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Thanks everyone. The beltline will be getting done as well along with with some other bits
Thanks - depending on what kind of parts my dealer has in stock, I might do the black grill and light surrounds pretty soon as well.

Am also thinking about adding the NM-Engineering power module (only +23hp with Japan's lower octane rating) and the NM's lowered springs. The thing I am kind of sad about is that they don't seem to offer the JCW Pro Exhaust here in Japan (can't seem to find any other alternatives either). Guess most people here are driving their JCW's stock....
There are a few tuning company's in Japan such as Duell and Giomic that have a lot of parts out for the F56, probably best to give them a shout. Wanting a few bits from the above company's but a fortune to get them delivered to the UK
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hi, can you tell me how tone is set damper kit?
it is set at the lowest ?
how the car behaves on the road ?

Thank you
The suspensions isn't set to its lowest with possibly about another 4 or 5cm still to play with. The car now handles far better IMHO than on the standard suspension without being to firm. Very much like my R56 GP. I hope this helps
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Hi William, you've made a very nice job of your JCW. Did you/bodyshop paint the JCW Pro rear diffuser or leave as it was supplied?

Thank you. Just left the diffuser as supplied
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