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My first 600 metres - then a new oil pump

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I was really looking forward to our new 2015 Cooper S 3 door. When we took delivery, we left the car lot, and 600 metres down the street, all of the warning lights turned on. I turned back thinking it was a loose sensor, but no, it seems there was moisture in the oil pump, it needs to be replaced.

My question is, what would you do? The car has 30 kms, and I drove less than 1.5 kms. Should I let the dealer replace the oil pump, or dig in and push for a different car?
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Can't tell remotely, but I doubt that 600M or so would do any damage. Even more confidence if the cars is using synthetic oil.

As mentioned in a different thread, an oil analysis would let you know the condition of the engine with confidence. If the bearings were dry you "made metal" that the oil analysis would identify (as bearing material, etc). You can get a feel for 'how bad' from the levels and the company's analysis, too. Have the dealer run one for you.

Buuut..., what the heck is "moisture in the oil pump?"
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