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In March I ordered a Blazing Red Chili MCS with black roof, black wheels and Media XL. Since there was a big delay with my car, they offered me a volcanic orange MCS Hot Chili MCS for the same price so I took it!
I must say I am very happy with this decision. This is my first Mini and I love it.

I am a tests pilot so I am constantly driving different cars with different technologies and Mini is amazing. Its automatic transmission works very well and the paddle shifting is very sporty. Manual transmissions are a lot of fun but today automatic transmissions work very well, even better than MT.

The HUD which I didn't care about in the beginning amazes me every time I drive my car.

H.Kardon sounds very nice and Hi-Fi. I strongly recommend it.

My volcanic orange was supposed to arrive with bonnet stripes, black roof and mirrors but something was wrong with the shipment info and it arrived without these options. I am definitely putting the bonnet stripes and my dealer offered me to paint the roof and mirrors but I still can't decide if I will be doing this. Meanwhile I am enjoying every ride!

I don't understand why pictures appear upside down... Sorry for this.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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