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Hi all,

I have a JCW 67 plate (2017), auto 8 speed model (pre LCI) and it's currently done about 10k miles and still drives extremely well. BUT - recently, it's all gone rather quiet when in sport mode/in sports auto and I'm not getting any of the cracks and pops I have heard many other JCW's Cooper S's having.

When nice and warm, and in sport mode the start up is fine. When revving in neutral, it simply burbles with no pops, even when revved from 3kRPM - 5kRPM - 7kRPM - the sound doesn't change. When giving it some gas through the gears up to a good rev range (3-5kRPM) there are barely any audible burbles either. I occasionally get something downshifting from 3rd into 2nd at a good rev range but that's about it.

I've called MINI and they haven't really heard this before. Has anyone here had this problem or know what might be wrong? Thanks in advance!
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