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My MINI has dropped off the radar!

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I have been stalking my MINI since I ordered it in mid-November. It was finally built on December 11, then arrived at the port on Dec. 14. Today Ask MINI told me that they have no idea where it is, and that it might warrant further investigation if it doesn't show up somewhere by Monday. He said something MIGHT have happened.... :eek: He couldn't tell me where it was built, or at which port it was parked, either. Has this happened to anyone else??? What could be going on here??
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I've been cyberstalking my mini since 24th November. From the factory at Oxford and being loaded onto the Oberon. Travelling via USA through the Panama Canal, last seen off the coast of South America heading for Brisbane Australia. Unfortunately when the cargo ship gets away from the coast, you can only see the last recorded position sent, not its actual position. Unless you want to spring for satellite tracking which is expensive. ?
I'm hoping for some updates if the ship gets near an island on its way through, otherwise I'll have to wait until it arrives here, hopefully on the 16th January. And even then it'll be another couple of weeks to get through Customs and get a compliance plate, and then dealer delivery.

I think it's safe to say I'm over the initial excitement and I just wish it would hurry up and get here. It's exhausting being excited for that long ?
So good luck with your stalking, try not to suffer excitement burnout.
Nearly forgot, here's the ship my baby is on......
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