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My MINI has dropped off the radar!

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I have been stalking my MINI since I ordered it in mid-November. It was finally built on December 11, then arrived at the port on Dec. 14. Today Ask MINI told me that they have no idea where it is, and that it might warrant further investigation if it doesn't show up somewhere by Monday. He said something MIGHT have happened.... :eek: He couldn't tell me where it was built, or at which port it was parked, either. Has this happened to anyone else??? What could be going on here??
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Yes, the Toscana. As far as I can tell, it is still docked in Southampton, and is scheduled to depart on Jan. 3.
As of today, the Toscana is docked in Zeebrugge, Belgium, so presumably it is either unloading Oxford Minis on their way to continental Europe and/or loading Minis built in Born, Holland for export.

So don't panic, even if it has gone in the 'wrong' direction. There will be a happy ending.

I don't suppose there are many here that think the F56 hasn't got a very attractive front end. But just check out the Toscana. What is known in nautical circles as the 'pointy end' is to the right of the photo.


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