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Hi everybody

Please welcome my NEW MINI: a Moonwalk Grey Mini Cooper S (5 door).
I ordered it on October 17 and was delivered on 11/20/14. Had to wait till today to pick it up, because I wanted the chrome around the lights and grill painted black.
Another two weeks of impatience but it was worthwhile waiting for :D

Some of the specs:

- WIRED package (MEDIA package)
- CHILI package
- Cross Punch Leather (Black)
- Anthracite Headlining
- LED Head lights
- MINI Yours steering wheel
- Piano black interior
- Panoramic sunroof
- JCW spoiler
- Seat heating
- Armrest
- ...

Due to crappy Belgian weather, my MINI was already dirty by the time I got home, so don't mind the dirt on the pictures !

Also, don't mind the rims, I had it already delivered with (tiny) winter rims as the roads are salty over here !

What do you guys think ?


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Very nice, love the colour and the piano black really suits the dash even though it does show every mark . V classy.
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