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My obligatory "placed my order" post

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Placed my order today
Cooper s 2 door manual transmission
Electric blue with black roof and mirros with black bonnet stripes
17" black Cosmo wheels with all season tires
Fully loaded package (sport, premium, wired package)
Antharicite headliner
Fireworks dash trim
Carbon black punch leather sports seats

Super excited. Expected delivery beginning of June!


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Spent a little more than I originally planned, but I am getting every little option that I wanted to make it "mine". Except for the sport stripes. Really wanted them, but once they told me how much, that made the decision easy to stick with the normal stripes.
June can't come soon enough!
Happy to see another electric blue got ordered. This may be the 3rd I've seen this the past week.
I haven't seen any Electric Blue around here (illinois). Seen a silver white, and a vo. Always loved the Electric Blue.
My MA emailed me yesterday. The mini has gone into production already! 2 weeks earlier than expected. Good news!

I've been trying to log on to the mini owners lounge, and have had no luck. Even now that the car has gone into production. Any thoughts or suggestions on why or how to get it to work?

At this point it looks like the car will be done and here before Memorial Day (usa)! Supper excited!
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