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I have to pass on the good review of my experience with RemusUSA. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and trouble shoot an exhaust issue I was having with the sport exhaust.

I ordered the exhaust a while back and right off the bat they explained everything and inquired with me when there was a question they had about my order. After a month, my exhaust came in and I had some problems installing it. I contacted them back and worked with them about it. After some research I discovered that my car, from the factory, had a different mounting system at the cat.

Patrick worked with me to find out a solution to my problem, and they offered to send me a replacement at minimal financial impact to myself.

The customer service aspect with Remus is one reason I will be sure to recommend them to anyone looking for aftermarket items. They have been a step above classy and professional.

Great work Remus!!!! Thank you to the team there and especially Patrick!:D
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