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Hi guys,

We have our new 5-doors Cooper S with sport automatic since the middle of February. It's an amazing car!

Totally different from our 2 previous Convertibles with the superchargered engine. It's more a "grown up" car but we enjoy all the high-tec gadgets very much.

I've done some modifications to it:

- 18" Black Cone spoke wheels
- Black surrounding front and taillights
- Black tankcover
- 3/3,5cm lowering springs
- Piano black dashboard --- Had to buy the Mini Yours Fibre alloy dash to get the LED rings in the doors

- Schmidt Technik exhaust with an electronic valve
- Black front grille and maybe the doorhandles
- Tuning....


Before lowering:

After lowering:


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Peter, thank you for the Pictures and link and MR M I am sorry for some strange Reason I posted a Question for Peter under your Forum Name. I had a lot of Blonde Moments lately.Honestly can not remember how that happen. So sorry everybody for the confusion :|0:)
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