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N16k's midnight black cooper S

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Picked it up today at 9.30 and have done near 100 miles already today! It's soo much fun an has bags of power! Couldn't resist giving it a clean today too haha. Here's a pic of it at the dealers but will get some better ones at the weekend as the iphone ones I have look rubbish.

I also forgot how small the boot is haha

Do mini sell an umbrella that will fit properly in the boot?
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Also I've found that on one of the arches there is a white stress mark and a few more stress lines above it. Looks like it was man handled during production into place an produced stress marks, do you think if I take it to mini they will do anything about it? I've used trim blackener/ restorer but it doesn't hide it :(
Definitely worth a shot.. Keep us posted
Went to mini today to sort out another problem (squealing engine) and spoke to one of the guys about the mark in the trim and they have ordered a replacement trim and will be booked in next week to get fitted under warranty :)
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Well finally got round to doing a proper clean on the mini at the weekend, process was, snowfoam, wash, tar, ironx, wash, clay, light machine polish, Ipa, autobrite cherry glaze, angelwax dark angel wax, windows sealed with angelwax H2go, then following day did the wheels which was, wash, iron x, tar, wash, ipa, then sealed with carbon collective platinum wheels. also used platinum wheels to seal the exhaust tips too.
below are the results:

Also incase anyone was wondering the average paint thickness was around 80um so pretty thin, but iv read that they do not use a primer hence the thickness.
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What did you use for the black plastic trim N16K?
I used Auto finesse revive trim dressing. I personally think its one of the better trim gels out there but you will never beat a coating like what Gtechniq, carbon collective and others alike have to offer imo.

Also juicy details iced apple is amazing for the tyres and can be used on trim too :)
I'll do a comparison at the weekend an pop a pic up on here if I remember.
Well after all the squealing noise problems unable to be fixed after 5 attempts and nearly a month later it has now been rejected. Good news though, I went to mini and specced up a new mcs today with a few more goodies.
So my new one will be getting the following options
Midnight black
Chilli pack
Media XL
18" alloys
Anthracite headlining
LED lights
Jcw spoiler
Heated seats
Head up display
Tinted windows
Jcw steering wheel
Harman kardon

Roll on March to get it :D will be handing my mcs back for the final time next week but they have got me a Mini Cooper to run round in so not all bad :)
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Got a phone call yesterday to say my new mini had arrived so had a look at it today. They asked me when I wanted it but would really want the new 15 plate but not sure if they are willing to wait that long to hand it over :/ anyway took some pictures. Still has delivery film all over but thought I'd share anyway. Can't wait to hear the HK system!

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