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I have a MINI Clubman Cooper S with the widescreen satnav option. I have synced my iPhone (6, latest iOS) and all of my contacts are available in the car. I'm finding that when navigating to one of my contacts, the system is incredibly picky regarding the case of entries in my address book.

At first I thought it was due to trying it out on an addresses which had Country: UK instead of United Kingdom, but actually that seems to make no difference.

For example, if I have an address (number) (street), Manchester, United Kingdom, then when I try to navigate there it displays something like this:

Unknown: United Kingdom
Unknown: Manchester
Unknown: (street)

I have to click the country, then select UNITED KINGDOM, then the city and select MANCHESTER, then finally it is happy with the rest of the info.

Is there a configuration setting I'm missing which would fix this?

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