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I need a new Windshield for my Mini mine got hit yesterday by a Pebble/small Rock that fell off a Truck about 700 Ft in front of me a car picked it up with the tire and hit my Windshield. :(:( I have free Glass on all of our Cars so it will not cost me anything. Last Year we had 3 windshields replaced on 2 Cars.

Just talked to my Mini Dealer and they do offer to come out to the house:) or I can bring it in for Service. He asked me if I want the Original or After Market. I told him original but honestly does it really matter?

Is there a difference in thickness...or or or....?

I hate to make the Insurance Company pay out like $ 300.00 more just to get the original because most likely I will need a new one down the Road again because in the End I will pay for it sooner or later even with free Glass.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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