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Need your opinion on paint dilemma

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Hi guys,

So got my F55 Cooper S a week and a half ago which was actually a demo car with 3800km mileage. I know it was risky getting one but in Malaysia cars prices are ridiculously high due to taxes (a new one would've cost USD$62,000) <- ikr? I was got a pretty good discount and was sold after a test drive.

Anyway, I notice there's quite a color difference between the front and rear doors which stands out to me. (See attached photos) This in addition to a slight gap at bottom and top part of the same driver door when fully closed i.e. doesn't sit flush with the rear door.

Dealer says it's completely accident free that the discoloration could've been due to a some promo sticker covering the door or was parked in sun. Either way it's covered under warranty and I can take it in to respray anytime now or wait till first service.

My question is, should I get it re-sprayed or leave it as is since my concern is on color matching with rest of the car and quality/durability of aftermarket paint vs factory paint.

Appreciate your inputs!


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From the photos I don't believe sun or stickers could cause this, but there is one way you could check. Get a paint depth gauge and check the depths on the doors and compare. The depths should be about the same for all the doors front to back and side to side. The dealer will have one, as will any good body shop or detailer.

A door could have been re-painted at any stage, even at the factory, due to a paint defect maybe, so paint doesn't always equal accident, but I would have expected a better match than that if the factory did it.

I guess the person that mix the paint for the door got it a bit wrong.
Hard to tell but it looks like only the rear door is different than rest of that side of the car. What does other side of the car look like?

I can tell you that white is one of if not the hardest color to match! My body shop guy told me that years ago during a restoration.
IF THAT IS PAINT COLOUR DIFFERENCE that is a total bodge job and not what would come from the factory; check and perhaps give it a very gentle t cut in one area to see if the discolouration is on top of the lacquer/ paint-if not make them re do it as that is most definitely not right!
That looks like a really bad repair. If it was badly mixed paint then you would think it would be the entire panel and then some?

That demonstrator has been bashed!
Here's some pics of other side. So looks like a respray is the way to go?


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DM, a good body shop should be able to match it and blend it right in so you never know it was there in the 1st place. I had to repaint my Mini about 6 weeks ago because of storm damage they repainted the hood left fender door and the shop blended it right in it looked like it came from the factory you could not see the difference even when you opened the door and hood. Perfectly done. I would look around and see if you find a shop that does high end cars and check out there work. It could be that the prep work was not done correctly or the paint not mixed right on your door. Honestly I would not worry too much your door is an easy fix a good shop can do it and you never will see the car has been touched up. :)
No way a sticker, I've taken vinyl off that's been in place for a year or years and never a issue! if sun fade why only the door?

I'd agree with others that it's been damaged and a poor paint job!
There's something definitely not right here.... :O
Thanks for the inputs. I'll plan sometime to get it resprayed and hopefully get some good results. Thanks again!
I would seek advice and have the paint measured.
If it has been resprayed I would be having words with the dealer who told you it had NOT been sprayed.
100% this color mismatch and door misalignment did NOT come from the factory.

This discolouration is NOT from a sticker.

It appears that, the original door was damaged beyond repair.
It also appears that a new raw door was ordered, prepped, and painted. Only issue is, the
shop that did it did a lousy job matching Pepper White. Difficult to match by an amateur when mixing white and black paint. They don't know or were not BMW certified
like they are in North America. With that, their is a lifetime warranty when
a certified BMW shop does the work for BMW. Go back to the dealer and tell them
you want the door repainted and refitted to BMW Specs with a lifetime warranty. There was not
full disclosure to you or transperancy when you bought the car. When things are cheap, they are cheap for a reason.
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Ok thanks a lot guys. The dealer called me just the other day apologizing for this. They want me to bring in the car for them to repair the door/paint. At least this time they offered a courtesy car. :)
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