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100% this color mismatch and door misalignment did NOT come from the factory.

This discolouration is NOT from a sticker.

It appears that, the original door was damaged beyond repair.
It also appears that a new raw door was ordered, prepped, and painted. Only issue is, the
shop that did it did a lousy job matching Pepper White. Difficult to match by an amateur when mixing white and black paint. They don't know or were not BMW certified
like they are in North America. With that, their is a lifetime warranty when
a certified BMW shop does the work for BMW. Go back to the dealer and tell them
you want the door repainted and refitted to BMW Specs with a lifetime warranty. There was not
full disclosure to you or transperancy when you bought the car. When things are cheap, they are cheap for a reason.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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