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New 5 door MCS - seeking advice!

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About to order new 5 door MCS with black roof and black wheels but can't decide on colour!

Thoughts would be appreciated as I like all the below!

Pepper White
White Silver
Blazing Red
Electric Blue

Will also be ordering full leather but again stuck between either Leather Cross Punch Carbon (black/carbon black) or Mini Yours Leather Lounge (carbon black/carbon black).

Will have a host of other options but the above are the only ones I can't decide upon.

Changing from an Audi A4 as love driving my wife's R56 cooper.

Any recommendations really appreciated.

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My first MINI was Pepper White. Not girly at all, some of the coolest MINIs I've loved over the years were PW. I'm currently awaiting delivery of MINI number 3, a Volcanic Orange.
The thing about the MINI is that it is truly a chameleon. You can make the astro black feminine or the baby blue masculine, it's all in how you modify it, and it doesn't mean big changes. Go with the color you love. The reason I'm on my third MINI is because I got swayed into a color on my second that didn't make my heart go pitty pat ��. I saw the VO and said that's the car I always wanted, so in I went.

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the world needs more COLOUR!
silver and white dont count, you will just blend in with 2/3rds of the sleep-acts on the road.
The blue is lovely.
Orange is a statement - it grows on you while you try to figure out if its really orange or yellow. But its a Happy Colour.
Purple would be fabulous.
PINK with green spots!
Get out the plastidip and spray pearls and chameleon combinations. You can always peel it off if you dont like it. Even if you just did a wild contrast roof it would be fun.
Lead the way!
I put viper stripes that fade from yellow to orange on my metallic grey swift, while I was dreaming of my VO mini to come, now no-one notices its boring base colour as they are all mesmerised but the eye candy. Gets a lot of looks.
love and hugs
Well decision made Blazing Red with black 17" Cosmos wheels, black roof and mirrors, panoramic roof, and darkened rear glass, exterior chrome. I just though Pepper White was not right for me although did like it I felt the car stood out better in a brighter colour!


Leather across Punch carbon Black
Piano Black Trim
Chrome interior
Heated windscreen
Visual Boost
Folding mirrors
Anthracite roof lining
JCW steering wheel

Decided against the JCW roof spoiler as preferred the standard and against heated seats as would rarely be used.

Been to the dealer to order but they need sign off from dealer principal as the discount was above their approval level, also as I was there for nearly 3 hours they are going to provide a set of roof bars.

Hopefully will get a call back later so I can pay the deposit and then begin the wait!
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I'll post some pics of our 5 door Cooper in Silver White with Black Lounge Leather and Pano's very similar spec to yours except for the obv yours is a MCS, should give you an idea though.

Interesting picking up on an earlier post that White Silver is boring and looks the same as all the others....actually nothing could be further from he truth, it looks unique amongst all the other silver cars and our friends and family have all commented on what a fab colour it is..looks really different in various light conditions...I'm soo glad we picked it !

And we love love love the black lounge leather seats, they are so comfy and classy looking and IMHO the best seats available in the new MINi
Hi Mick How are you finding the black leather lounge is holding up? I've seen some older Minis with leather that get a bagging effect on the seats but I think as these have lots of stitching across the seat pad they should be fine? Did you manage to get an pics of your interior? I will be going for White Silver, are you still loving the colour?
I have changed my mind so many times the dealer must dread me calling them! I have definitely now agreed on the specification, going for MCS with Chili pack in White Silver, Black Cosmos Wheels, Black Stripes, Black Roof and Mirrors, Panoramic Roof, LED Headlights with Cornering, Mini Yours Carbon Leather Lounge, Mini Yours Steering Wheel, Mini Yours Off White Interior, Visual Boost Radio, Harman Kardon HiFi, Roof Rails and Roof Bars, Click & Drive XL Portable Sat Nav.

Decided against the Enhanced Bluetooth as the Arm Rest kept getting in my way no matter where I had it, decided against Anthracite Headlining as I personally felt the standard headlining lifts the interior, decided against Sat Nav as Click and Drive option has life time map updates and can be transferred to my Wife's Cooper when needed and I still do not have to have wires dangling down, saw it on a car in showroom and I would definitely recommend for the price it is a great compromise of inbuilt sat nav if you only use occasionally.

Finally I am considering changing chrome around headlights and tail lights to black, dealer quoted £212 so still to decide on this but that is dealer fit anyway so no rush
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Hi Zobware - sorry for delayed response

Your car spec sounds fab !

We've driven 1500 miles so far and the lounge leather still looks brand new (except for a few sticky finger marks from our 6 year old)

Def still love the White Silver colour, in fact someone commented on the colour just yesterday and asked what colour it was and its still quite rare..only seen one other F55/F56 in the same colour

Were soo impressed with the F55 we really are.....MPG is edging up from 38/39 to 41 and of course its like a go-kart.

It is now officially my wives fav car ever (& we've had some lovely cars over the years)
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All color combos are awesome. Love my white silver w/black, although deep blue w/white was my first choice.
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