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New Blazing Red Mini in Kent on it's way...

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Hi to you all,
Just wanted to let you know that my new Mini went to build on Friday and should be with me late March. She will be my 4th Mini, one Cooper the rest Cooper S models.
It has been ordered in Blazing Red, white roof and miror covers with white sport strips on the bonnet and tailgate.
I have gone a bit mad with the options, but they make it sooo appealing, here is the list that I have speced.
Chilli Pack
Comos Wheels
Black lounge leather
Mini off white trim, with glowing red colour line
Nav XL pack
JCW steering Wheel, as I love the red stiching!
Electric folding mirrors
Heated ftront screen
Darkened rear glass
Dimming rear view mirror
Smokers package (not a smoker, but love the closing ashtray to put parking money in)
Rear park assist
LED front lamps, this was added at the last minute, so hope that this was in time, still waiting to hear!
I will post a picture when she arrives, looking forward to it, but will be sad to see my old one go, as this has been the best one that I have owned to date.
Oh well, things have to change.
Love reading posts from other Mini owners, on what they have chosen for their pride and joy.
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Thanks for the thumbs up, forgot to mention that this one will also be a S.
Hi Helicopter Pat,
The delay in collecting the car is my choice, not when it will be ready, if you see what I mean?
And yes, a lot of money for options that are standard on many other cars, but hay that the fun of Minis...all mine have cost too much as far as my husband is concerned!
My husband hates the black pedals, so will change these for the JCW ones within a month I suspect!
I had not thought about the gear knob, how much did yours cost to buy?

Just had confirmation that my car will be built with LEDs. really pleased.

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She's arrived

It's here!
My new Mini has arrived at the dealership, she will be getting her strips next Thursday, and then I will be collecting her the following Friday.
Very happy, but also sad to say goodbye to my existing Mini.
My MCS has been the best if the bunch to date, so really hope that this one will be even better, if that's possible!
I will post some pictures once she's mine, till then...
Blazing Deb:
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Hi radred,
Great choice of colour, love the car, not not so keen on the snow.
I will post pictures when she arrives.
Blazing Deb
One more week to go...
Blazing Deb.
Hi All,
Picked my new MCS yesterday, she's amazing, drives and looks everything I imagined she would.
For now I will let the pictures of our first trip to Bexhill on Sea (East Sussex) do the taking.
I hope you like her.
Blazing Deb


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Hi Atrak,
Firstly the mini yours lounge leather is fantastic,there is even a Union Jack in lether on the rear side of the head restraint, a gimick i will grant you, but it looks and feels great!

I had never seen these in real life, but I have always had full leather.

I found that the punched leather collected little bits in the holes on my first R56 so opted for the lounge leather in my last R56, which was my favourite, so opted for this in my F56 as it was the closest thing that Mini now build.

As for the JCW steering wheel, the theme is red and white, so the steering wheel fits in with that theme. I must say that the steering wheel feels very good in the hands, again I ordered this from the Mini configurator, and am very pleased with them both.

I have never seen a Mini Yours wheel, what are they like?

Hope that helps, feel free to ask for more info or pictures.

Blazing Deb

PS: My husband is replacing the gear lever at the wekend to a JCW one, with you guessed it red stiching on the gator and red numbers on the knob, I will post a picture or two when it is fitted and try to show the seats better as well.
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