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Have just finished doing a 'new car protection detail' on the wife's new White Silver/Black F55 MINI Cooper S 5 Door

The car had been Dealer prepped & TBH I have only found the odd light mark on the black roof which was easily polished out

Below is the process I went through –

ValetPro citrus pre-wash pre-wash
2 bucket wash with lambswool mitt & a strong mix G3 Detox shampoo
Wheel arches cleaned with APC
Paintwork decontaminated with AF ObliTARarte
Paintwork decontaminated with CP Iron-X
All the wheels decontaminated with ObliTARate and Iron-X
Clayed all panels and glass using BH auto clay soft
Bodywork and glass wiped down with CarPro Eraser
2 x coats Sonax Xtreme Protect + Shine Hybrid applied with a foam applicator
Exterior plastic trims & door & boot shuts treated with Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer
Under bonnet cleaned with APC
2 x coats of Planet Polish wheel seal and shine applied to the wheels
Tyres dressed with Megs endurance tyre gel
Exhaust tips cleaned with Britemax twins
Interior surfaces cleaned with Sonax Matt Finish Cockpit Cleaner
Interior mats treated with Gtechniq I1
All exterior glass treated with Infinity Wax Rapid Detailer

As usual for me, no ‘in progress’ photo’s, just the ‘completed’ ones

The white silver is a difficult colour to photo if I'm being honest

Thanks for looking

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Loving your work Bristle Hound, great looking MINI. Love the Black Victory wheels too (although I am slightly biased!).

Interesting that you use Sonax BSD on the exterior plastic, Bouncers Done & Dusted is my current drying aid/Detail Spray of choice and it too leaves a nice factory look to the exterior wheel arch plastics (I didn't plan to use Done & Dusted on the plastics, sort of happened by accident when using it as a drying aid after a final hose rinse).
Thanks :)
I find the Sonax BSD on the exterior black trim has a slight darkening effect & the fact I've got 3 litres of BSD to use helped my choice lol
I also like using CarPro Reload on the black trims too
BH the white silver starts to grow on me even more after seen such a shine any tips on how to clean the seats(I got the same seats) after 20K mine look a little tired.:(
It was my wife's choice of colour. I wasn't sure at first but like it its growing on me
For the seats I would recommend a diluted down APC (all purpose cleaner) in a spray bottle. Spray over the whole seat, leave to dwell for 5 or so minutes then gently wipe with a well used clean MF cloth. Do a seat at a time & leave to dry in the sun (if you can) with all the windows up to dry off the seats. Do one seat at a time
Remember this ........ :)
Thats an interior shot of our old R56 JCW !
Does look rather nice ;) :)
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